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The Cobra Cello

The Cobra Cello from Wood Violins takes its place beside the most significant changes to string instrument playing in the past 100 years, possibly even longer. The Cobra Cello is the first of its kind – a cello that is specifically designed to get the player out of the chair and able to move freely while still using all of the hard won technique you've mastered.

The patented harness system on the Cobra allows incredible freedom of movement, removing the hindrances of sitting and bracing the cello with the knees and legs. The Cobra cello player needs only to place their bow and left hand where they always do, though in this case, you might end up running around the stage!

Playing the Cobra

Unique fret system

Although frets on bowed instruments are a part of the ancestry of the cello, it is rare to see them on a modern bowed instrument. Enter the fretted Cobra cello.

Like its counterpart the Viper violin, the fretted Cobra opens up new opportunities for excellent intonation on big chords, and allows for accuracy in higher volume situations like never before. The frets are flatter on the high string side to allow all of the slides and vibrato you want to add.

Extended range cello

The Cobra cello comes in 4, 5 and 6 string models. From the traditional C, G, D and A strings, you can add a low F string or even an E string above the A like a violin! The 5 string Cobra cello is F, C, G, D, A and the 6 string model adds the high E.

Since all of the string are still in 5ths, you're fingerings will be instinctive, though the range will add many new options to your leads and certainly inspire new musical ideas. The low F string allows you to easily play bass lines, while the E string allows melodies that soar above the texture.

The Pickup - soul of the electric instrument

Every Cobra cello is outfitted with the powerful Barbera pickup, a unique bridge that has 2 pickups per string for a full frequency response.

The Barbera pickup allows you to play with a strong natural signal, or you can plug it in to numerous guitar effects for a wide range of sounds (see above video).

Custom Cobra Cello

If we don't have your preferred Cobra configuration or color in stock, a custom order can be placed through our shop. Customs have no upcharge. Simply choose your preferred color, frets or not, and number of strings and the price is the same as if that same configuration were in stock.

Almost any color you can think of is available on the Cobra cello. You can also choose a variety of exotic woods that when paired with a transparent color create many beautiful options. Or get wild with a psychedelic look! Just a few of the many options: red, blue, green, purple, sunburst Cobra cellos.

Hand made Wood Viper Violin

Made in the USA

The Cobra cello is hand made in New York State at the Wood Violins workshop. Every Wood Violins Cobra is flawlessly made with attention to every detail. The Cobra cello has its own gig bag for easy transport. We recommend a strong carbon fiber bow to maximize the sound potential, especially on the extended range Cobra cellos. Contact us for details.

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The 4 string fretless, natural finish Cobra cello is $2999. This has everything a cellist could want in an electric cello, with the harness system and the gig bag. Below are 2 that have recently sold. For an up to date list of currently available Cobra cellos, please refer here:

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