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Davidson Violins is an authorized dealer for Wood Electric Violins. While Wood Electrics are not the first electric violins and cellos, they are unique for several reasons.

First, Mark Wood is a world class musician building instruments for other musicians. Wood Violins is the only electric violin manufacturer we are aware of that has that distinction. Secondly, the patented designs include 2 instruments that have fundamentally changed the way we think about playing the violin, viola and cello. Specifically the Viper Violin and the Cobra Cello introduce a change in how we hold the instrument, creating the first significant changes to violin family instrument pedagogy (playing methods) in possibly the last 100 years. And the changes are for the better, allowing more freedom of movement and expressiveness as you play. See the videos in the Viper and Cobra sections for more on this.

The Viper, Cobra, Sabre and Custom Stingray are hand made in New York and are high quality instruments, lightweight, easy to play and very powerful amplified. The 6 and 7 string versions are unlike any bowed string instrument available today. Customize your own dream Wood Violins Instrument for no additional charge! Contact Us for more Information.

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