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New Parents:

Welcome to the studios at Davidson Violins. All of our teachers have degrees in their specialty area and your student will always be paired with an instructor that plays, as a professional, the instrument the student is learning. Our studio teachers are career educators and some specialize in very young children using the Suzuki Method.

We recommend in-person lessons for maximum benefit in our beautiful studios at Davidson Violins. Online lessons are also available.

Beginners and intermediate students can choose 30 minutes a week, more advanced players typically need 45 or 60 minute lessons. Rental and purchase instruments are available right at the studios.

Once we receive your inquiry our studio director will hand pick the best instructor for your students' needs. You'll receive confirmation of your inquiry and contact from our director with the next steps.

By submitting this "purchase" you are indicating your interest in lessons at our studio. Naturally they are not $0, but there is no cost to make your inquiry and no registration fees. You will receive an invoice for lessons once you are scheduled by our studio director. Lesson fees are as follows for all instruments, normally once a week:

30 minute lesson(beginner and intermediate): $35

45 minute lesson (intermediate and advanced): $50

60 minute lesson (advanced): $65
By Appointment Only

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