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Explorer Series Violin Outfit from Davidson Violins


The Explorer series is an expertly made beginner level violin outfit for the discerning parent or amateur adult who is looking for a decent violin and a reasonable price. Made according to exacting specifications, these instruments come from small workshops in China and Europe.

Give your student a greater chance of success with a real violin setup by experts.  The alternative is a real headache for students. 

Custom fitted bridges, tailpieces, fingerboards, nuts and pegs insure it is easy to tune and play.  Real ebony, maple and spruce woods are essential. Thomastik Alphayue strings, made in Austria, accent the excellent tone these violins produce.  We've created an outfit for your convenience that includes a sturdy case, rosin, polishing cloth and your choice of a Brazilwood or carbon/composite bow.  

Here's our best advice on instruments for new players: The retailer you get it from is more important than what brand it is. We are proud of our brands, but we choose what sounds the best over stocking certain brands. We play test and research which companies are producing the best instruments so you have confidence your student has a great learning tool.

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