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Phil Jones Bass Double Four amplifier - extended range violin/viola and all basses

Some counter intuitive learning for us. Phil Jones' smallest amplifier turns out to be an outstanding choice for Viper violin players on a budget. Yes, those are 2 four inch speakers. It defies logic, but these amps are incredibly efficient and accurate. We actually dial back the bass a touch, raise the mids and highs just a little and the 6 and 7 string Vipers come dangerously alive. Single channel, 70 watts.

Reasons to own: great sound, ultra compact, lowest cost

Best for: 6 and 7 string Viper violin or other extended range violins and violas, electric and acoustic bass

Choose if: you play at home or with one other instrument at a small venue, or you always run a line out to the performance hall sound system

Skip if: you need very loud on stage volume, a D.I. out (1/4 inch out included) or more than one channel

Need that Direct out  (D.I. uses a mic cable instead of a 1/4 inch cable)?Check out the Bass Cub 100 or SuperFlightcase

Specs: 70 watt output, 1 channel, 3 band EQ, Bass and aux. input, headphone out, pre-amp out

Size: 8.2 x 8 x 6.8 inches (no typos here, it is about the size of a shoe box)

Net weight: 8.8 lbs/4kg

Volts: 110- 240V AC (automatic switching)

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