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Double Basses

The largest member of the string family, the double bass (also called the acoustic bass, string bass, upright bass and bowed bass) is an investment that provides excellent return. These versatile instruments are equally at home with a symphony orchestra, a jazz combo or a folk ensemble. The double basses that we carry at Davidson Violins represent the best combination of value and quality for any bassist, no matter what style they prefer.

A note about sizing: 

The standard adult "full size" for the bass is actually labeled 3/4. Those with larger hands may need a 7/8 at most; only the tallest musicians will ever need a 4/4 double bass, although they are preferred by most professional orchestras. There are also 1/4 and 1/2 size basses available for younger students and bassists under 5' 4".

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Explorer Series Bass Outfit from Davidson Violins



Shen SB88 Bass



Core Academy Explorer Bass Model A40



7/8 Xuechang Sun bass 2002



Shen SB200 Willow Bass



Shen SB80 Bass outfit with bag and bow



Shen SB100 Bass



Shen SB150 Hybrid Bass


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