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The violin is unique in that it is one of the few serious instruments that can be scaled down small enough for even a 3 year old to play. This wide range in size means that a student will have to replace the violin every 6 months to year or so. This makes using a rental violin a good choice so that the student can use the optimal size as they grow physically. More important is the growth of their musical voice and ears. As the student progresses the violin itself will begin the teach them intrinsic details about what a violin is meant to do. Twinkle Little Star, a common first song, doesn't need the type of violin that Mozart's later concertos require. Because of this, student violins also come in varied degrees of quality. A beginner needs a violin with a clear tone that is easy to play. The more sophisticated sound of higher quality violins is for the more advanced player. It is uncommon for beginners to end up with a violin too advanced for them; it is too common for intermediate and advancing violinists to have violins below their skill. To assist you with making an informed choice, and if a rental is not of interest (they are typically beginner level), we've developed some categories to help you:

Explorer outfits: $399-$599 (Years 1 &2) 
Apprentice outfits: $699-$899 (Years 2 & 3) 
Apprentice outfits: $699-$899 (Years 2 & 3)
Protégé violins: $999-$1499 (Years 3 to 5)
Recitalist violins: $1500-$2200 (Advanced players)
Soloist violins: $2300-$4000 (Top performing students)
Conservatory violins: $4000-$6000 (College bound)
Maker's violins: $6000 and up (Professional)

A note about these categories: we are only making general comments about the length of time a student will be playing at any of these levels. Typically your teacher will recommend when it is time to move up. We provide this information as suggested time frames that are fairly typical of the progress most students make. Older students will progress more quickly; adult students usually have a higher expectation for the sound quality. Feel free to talk to us about the best option for you. The category titles such as "Apprentice" are our shop's effort to group these and do not represent specific brands or names you will find elsewhere.
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